14M Aluminum alloy Timing Pulley cutting by G200 gear machine

14M size of Aluminum alloy Timing Pulley Hobbing by GEEPRO G200CNC6 High Speed gear Hobbing machine in 53 seconds

How one 14M Size Timing Pulley hobbing finished perfectly in 53 seconds time.

CNC High Speed Timing Pulley hobbing Machine 

How can 14M Tooth Count 42 and Width 30mm of Aluminum alloy Timing Pulley be cutted by GEEPRO G200CNC6 High Speed gear Hobbing machine in 53 seconds time perfectly.  

G200 YK3120 G150 YK3125 G600 6 axis CNC Gear Hobbing Machine 

G series G200CNC6 High Speed CNC Gear Hobbing Machine, mainly for the cylindrical spur and helical gears, the gear, under synchronous belt wheel, spline gear, worm gear, drum parts production and processing, such as research and development. Machine is horizontal layout, the design is novel, the main idea of the product design idea is: to the real needs of customers as a design goal, will improve the product quality, improve production efficiency, reduce the production cost of this a few aspects emphatically. And for the majority of users for different product design form a complete set of automatic feeding manipulator, greatly improve production efficiency.

1.Machine adopts electronic gear box function, cancelled the traditional hobbing machine complex mechanical transmission chain, greatly increases the driving rigidity and accuracy, to avoid the traditional hobbing machine multifarious hanging wheel calculation and exchange hanging wheel, etc.

2.Machine tool castings using solid double wall steel structure, and through the finite element analysis, the whole rigidity of the machine tools and precision of lathe bed stability to achieve the best state.

3.Unique way of guide rail configuration make the machine with high rigidity, increasing the rolling force is at the same time to avoid the slideway of the impact of product quality.

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