What are the concerns of users when purchasing CNC cutting machines?

When users buy a CNC cutting machine, in addition to paying attention to factors such as price, there are many factors that they eager to know.

Recently, through a series of customer investigations, we have summarized some of the issues that many customers are concerned about. It turns out that first of all, many buyers will be concerned about the cutting effect and accuracy of CNC cutting machines when purchasing CNC cutting machines.Questions like this are asked 95%+ of the time.

CNC cutting machines drive the movement of the machine tool through a digital program. When the machine tool moves, the randomly equipped cutting tool cuts the object. In fact, as far as the cutting effect is concerned, it is not very accurate, due to the difference of CNC cutting machines and materials.

In terms of cutting accuracy, CNC cutting machines are always rough machining, and the machining accuracy must not be comparable to that of lasers. In general terms, the cutting effect, speed and precision of CNC cutting machine must be better than manual cutting. Of course, the price must be higher than the manual cutting machine. But comprehensively considered, the CNC cutting machine is absolutely superior to the manual cutting machine, which saves time and effort, and can improve the cutting efficiency.

The cutting effect and precision of the CNC cutting machine are also related to the operator's skills. The most important thing is that the CNC cutting machine is controlled by a computer and can cut different graphics. The effect is also determined according to the type of "tool".

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