Second-level maintenance content and requirements of CNC spline milling machine

The secondary maintenance of the CNC spline milling machine is mainly carried out by maintenance workers and operators. In addition to the implementation of the primary maintenance content and requirements, the following work should be done:

1. Check and adjust the clearance and axial movement of each transmission system.

2. Adjust the center distance of the milling head box braking mechanism and the indexing worm gear.

3. Repair or replace worn parts.

4. Disassemble and wash the workbench and remove the burrs on the guide rails.

5. Repair or replace worn parts.

6. Disassemble and wash the pump body.

7. Repair or replace worn parts.

8. Overhaul the electrical box, repair the circuit, and clean the motor.

9. Repair or replace damaged parts.

10. The electrical appliances meet the requirements of the equipment integrity standard.

11. Correct the level of the machine tool, check, adjust and repair the accuracy.

12. The accuracy meets the requirements of the equipment integrity standard.

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